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Three Free Digital tips to Start Doing As Restrictions Ease

Mon, 09 Nov 2020

By Team Momentium

With Victoria coming out of lock-down, Victorians are eager to get back to doing Melbourne again. Whether you run a restaurant or retail store, here are some tips that will help you welcome back your customers and deal with increased demand:

1.     Get your e-commerce site going, online shopping will only continue to grow - According to reports by Gartner, although people will begin to start shopping in person soon, don't expect your customers to be back in your stores as soon as your doors open. It is expected that customers are now acclimated to using online shopping and may now prefer this channel to relieve their retail itch. Make sure to create or continue to leverage your e-commerce channels. Take a look at Square's free e-commerce platform here:
Combine this with our logistic accelerator and you can easily store and deliver your products across Australia.

2.     Attendance tracking is mandatory, why not make it fun? - As you likely know, as your customers revisit your cafe or store they will be abruptly stopped in order to sign-in. If you're still getting your customers to sign-in with pen and paper consider an alternative! Using QR codes can help you quickly get users to sign-in and also build a database of your visitors information. As Victoria opens up you can then leverage this list for marketing and even create a simple app for loyalty points to continue to retain your customers. To create free QR code links try out Simply create a free Google form as the link and start collecting attendance. Want to take it a step further and take this opportunity to build your customer database? Consider our Attendance and Loyalty Points accelerator to start out your digital customer relationship management capabilities! (currently 7.5% off).

3.     New year, New ways of Doing Business - with customers rushing back to the city, long lines, understaffing, and stock management are quickly becoming a retail nightmare. With Christmas shopping coming up, your business doesn't want to be caught out. Consider leveraging some shop management systems that take care of your inventory. If you're looking for something more to manage your staff, customers, and inventory all at once and automate your business to keep up with demand reach out to us for a affordable custom solution at

As Victoria goes into COVID normal, costumer behaviour won’t be going back to the way it was any time soon. Be ready for this change! If you want to learn more about how to use affordable technology to adapt to the future of retail book in a free 30 min workshop with our experienced consultants here: