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Adapting During a Global Crises

Sun, 22 Dec 2019

By Team Momentium

As businesses shut their doors, supply chains are disrupted, and companies activate their crisis funds, it's difficult to navigate through all the doom and gloom. However, as companies are going on pause, many businesses are adapting to regulations to continue to operate or even enhance their revenue channels through one simple method: Rapid Digital Adoption.

Digital Transformation/Adoption is old news, but now many businesses are seeing it as their way to keep their business running during this time. Whether it's being able to set up a digital shopfront, automate operations, or enable mobile ways of working we’ve seen businesses successfully continue to run their business through using technology. Here are just some of the innovative approaches we've seen:

  1. Turning a bar into an alcohol delivery service through a bespoke sales and logistics system. 
  2. A small mom-and-pop grocery stores transform to an online purchasing and warehouse pick-up grocery store.
  3. Co-working space creating an education platform to help up-skill members during work from home restrictions.

Based on our estimates, each of these simple solutions cost the business less than AUD6000 if done with the right technology partner. These solutions allowed them to continue engaging with their customers and maintain cash flows. Moreover, these tools can continue to be used when restrictions lighten and will become a new revenue channels. With millions of dollars in grants now available to small to medium businesses, Momentium has helped multiple clients digitise to continue to operate and even grow during a global crises. If you need help with a creating a technology solution or support with your grants for technology growth, just contact us at, and request a free consultation. We look forward to helping your business in these difficult times. Stay Healthy!

Here are some available grants as of 23/04/2020:

COVID19 Small Business Grant

Victoria Small Business Grant

COVID19 Melbourne Arts NFP/Small Business Grant