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The Accounting Students Association is Melbourne’s premier Student Association for young students looking to become qualified accountants. Comprised of a 1000+ members, ASA has successfully delivered educational and social events over the years, which connects students and medium-to-large scale employers from across Melbourne. By partnering with industry leaders such as KPMG, EY, BDO & RSM, ASA has grown substantially to expand its events to state-wide conferences and events held in collaboration with Accounting Students Associations from various other Universities.


As ASA faced rapid growth in sponsor and student-membership base, the need to differentiate their brand from other associations grew two-fold. As ASA’s capacity for allocating resources to the rebranding initiative were limited, this led to potential opportunity costs in terms of social-media outreach and audience engagement due to a lack of a refreshed brand and website design.


Momentium delivered a complete rebranding package as part of our engagement with ASA, which comprised of a tailored logo redesign and branding document, followed by a complete re-design of their website using CMS technology - with the end-goal of differentiating ASA from other Student Associations in Melbourne.

As a result of our design overhaul, ASA was able to successfully increase their digital presence in the University of Melbourne’s student community and improve their social-media outlook.

As part of the redesign initiative, Momentium completely re-developed ASA’s new logo from the ground-up via 3 logo-design iterations - with the end deliverable being the finalised logo, a complete brand-guide and a comprehensive color palette consisting of compatible colors for use, anywhere, anytime.

Momentium redefined ASA’s branding by completely re-engineering its website from the ground-up. ASA’s new website is a completely CMS-enabled platform, equipped with high-fidelity wireframes and versatile design themes with further solidify ASA’s brand as one of  Melbourne’s best Student Association.

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