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Fourth Element Energy is a start-up, born and bred in Melbourne, focussed on solving the world’s energy problem, using the fourth element of energy - namely shallow geothermal energy, which is, efficient heating and cooling using thermal energy from the ground. Over the years, 4EE has achieved rapid growth because of its unique business model, and is well placed to take advantage of further growth opportunities.


As a result of its recent success 4EE was able to attain rapid-growth in the energy market within a short period of time. Given its entry into the heavily contested energy industry, 4EE now faced increased competition in terms of branding, offerings and marketing outreach. Therefore, this led to opportunity costs in terms of mass customer outreach and audience engagement due to a lack of a redesigned website and brand.


Momentium delivered a complete suite of web-development services as part of our engagement with 4EE, which comprised of a tailored logo redesign and branding document, followed by a complete re-design of their website - with the end-goal of differentiating 4EE from other prominent Energy Corporations in Melbourne & beyond.

As a result of our design overhaul, 4EE was able to successfully increase their digital presence and maintain their position as one of the fastest growing energy start-ups in Melbourne.

As part of the redesign initiative, Momentium provided several banner designs and artefacts to 4EE for use in their media channels for marketing purposes. This was followed by complete redesign of their website from the ground-up. 4EE’s new website was created to be a seamless platform of interactive content, supported by high-fidelity wireframes and strong infrastructures.

Momentium redefined 4EE’s branding by completely re-developing 4EE’s new logo from the ground-up via 3 logo-design iterations which consisted of encompassing 4EE’s value proposition into the logo itself. The end deliverable was a redefined logo, a complete brand-guide and a comprehensive color palette consisting of compatible colors for use. As a result, 4EE was able to express its value to customers comprehensively, just through their logo as the design has its core proposition firmly built into it.

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