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MyTrueHealth is health services provider in Victoria. Dr. Mun-Yee Chik specialises in multiple types of health offerings ranging from oncology acupuncture to traditional Chinese medicine. MyTrueHealth patients often come to Dr. MunYee Chik multiple health related issues and find her services are essential to their recovery. This small business in Australia has helped improve multiple lives.


Momentium was engaged to work with MyTrueHealth to create a digital presence for her existing patients to easily book a time or provide information to new patients that could benefit from MyTrueHealth's services. The aim of this engagement was to help Dr. Mun-Yee Chik begin to engage with her community digitally.


The solution we provided to this client was a rapidly developed dynamic website. By using this solution we reduced the yearly costs of hosting website to AUD12 & connected a content management system that allows the client to change images and texts within the need for any coding knowledge. This solution provided simple and affordable website for Dr. Mun-Yee Chik's business. This website provided MyTrueHealth an online presence and the ability to show what the practice can offer potential patients.

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