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Z3Sleep is a health drink that aims to improve sleep after consumption. They have recently done a soft launch and are looking to increase sales and potentially doing a full launch in the near future. Previously, Z3Sleep has outsourced their Instagram in order to ensure that their Instagram is populated. The founder requested a simple and affordable solution to showcase his product and drive sales.


Although Z3Sleep’s instagram has a distinct style, it is not driving sales for the company. The company has engaged Momentium to begin managing their instagram page, and provide insight into engagement performance. The Momentium team increased sales for Z3Sleep through instragram, and adapted the content to better engage the market.


Momentium set-up Z3 Sleep's digital marketing accounts and began researched Z3 Sleep's target market. The design then created a style guide and mood board. Every month, the designer created 15 custom posts on both Instagram and Facebook. The marketing analyst then reviewed the effectiveness of the posts and provided feedback to the designer on how to better engage with Z3 Sleep's potential customers to drive sales.

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